Running a photography business

can be lonely!

Ever wish you had a place to go where you could get support, ask questions and develop genuine friendships?

The Snap Society Community is waiting for you!

Participate in Daily Questions, Weekly Blog Shares, Monthly Q&A Webinars and make some wonderful new friends!

The Snap Society Community is unlike any other Facebook group you’ve seen!

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Weekly Favorites – Big and Small Moments

Big moments and small moments all deserved to be captured. We long to remember ever small smile from our newborn, or how round our belly was when carrying our baby. It is such a sweet job, being a Photographer. We get to bring those smiles of remembrance to our...

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Overcome your ANXIETY so it does not OVERTAKE you!

Today I have a special guest with me, Steve Cuss. If you struggle with anxiety when you go to a photo shoot, or talking about your prices, raising your prices, or reveal nights. What it does to me, either I don't show up at all, meaning I'll decide not to do something...

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2 Amazing Hacks for Photographers

I just got back from an AMAZING Mastermind Retreat with some other wonderful Creatives! We always share our best tips and secrets. Some of which, I am going to share with you today! Join me over on The Snap Society Facebook Page and I will be sharing with you 2...

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