In last week’s video, I talked about whether or not you should offer products (you should), now let’s talk about how to sell photography products. I know that there are so many products out there and it can become so very overwhelming. And how are you, as a Photographer, supposed to know what products your clients want anyway?


Or, maybe, you just don’t have the funds to get all the products you want to show your clients. Well, I’m here to help you! In this webshow, I give 3 tips on how to figure out what products your clients would purchase, which products to actually sell, and how to show your clients what you have to offer.


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  • Know who your Dream Client is and then ASK THEM what products they would love.
  • When we are looking at all these photography products, we get so excited – but also overwhelmed. So, you need to SIMPLIFY! Don’t offer too much.
  • Simplify products and sizes (I always say bigger is better).
  • You can always allow your clients to order any size, but you do not have to “offer” that size or product on the price sheet.
  • Your clients are going to be head over heels when they see your beautiful products – but they need to SEE THEM.
  • Purchase samples of the products you offer.
  • Swift Galleries is a great option to use to show your clients how your products will look on their walls.




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In the comments, let me know if you know who your Dream Clients are? Have you ever asked your clients what products they’d like to see you offer? What’s holding you back from offering products?


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