“How Far I’ve Come” is a way to be featured like no other because it gives you the opportunity to inspire others by showing them how you evolved as a Photographer, while also getting your work out there.

When we were newbie’s we all thought that the refined Photographer was just born that way. These posts are a great way to show that we all had to start somewhere.

Recently I went back to the pictures I took when I started out. I wanted to laugh and cry all at the same time.  I thought to myself…”What Was I Thinking?” I had no understanding of composition, my exposure was off and my editing was way overdone.

Although I was embarrassed of my work back then, I also realized that others could learn from my journey if I shared how I evolved & transformed as a Photographer.

Now we want to see how your work has transformed!

If you are chosen to be featured, you will receive a button to put on your blog for social proof that you have been featured on The Snap Society!

Featured Photographer

NOTE: We only take submissions of those that are willing to share openly, and that have shown a drastic change.

Please submit your work here.

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