There are a lot of things we can do to better our business, right? But what if I told you that having a better business is not all about DOING more, but rather,  THINKING more….

one simple thing you can do right now to better your business

Do you have a Thinking Schedule? Have you ever set aside time to just think about your business? Have you sat down and thought about what your business really needs, so that you can completely focus on what is important?

Or are you just so busy with your to-do list that your business is starting to feel like it is running you, instead of you running it? If so, I have one simple thing you can do right now to better your business.

In a little book I read by John Maxwell, called How Successful People Think, He talks about a recent breakfast meeting he had with Dan Cathy, President of Chick-Fil-A. Dan says that he sets aside time to think, which helps him “keep the main thing, the main thing, since I am so easily distracted.”

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I can honestly say that when I started my business, I did not keep enough margin in my schedule to just “think” about it. Instead, I hit the ground running, and I thought about my strategy very little. Quickly, my business started running me, instead of me running my business. I was just doing, and not thinking. By the end of my busy season, I was in tears because my business had over-taken all of my time – my family time, my friend time, my me time! This could not keep going, I had to make changes.

That’s when I figured out the one BIG thing I had to implement in my business so that I was RUNNING it, instead of my business running me.

A Thinking Schedule. 

So, block out some time, and let’s start thinking about our businesses

(If Dan Cathy has time to do this, then we do too)!

The very first thing I think about is MY TIME.
– I need to determine what my family is committed to over the course of a season.
– I need to determine how much time I can realistically commit to for my business.

The second thing I think about is MY MARKETING.
What are ways that I’m going to be marketing?
– Revamping my social media strategy?
– Creating a couple of partnerships?
– Networking more locally?

The third thing I think about is MY ORGANIZATIONAL SYSTEMS.
– Do I need to change my editing workflow?
– Should I create email templates?
– Do I need to update my client experience workflow?

The fourth thing I think about is what I NEED TO UPDATE IN MY BUSINESS.
– My website?
– My packaging?
– My pricing?

Now, I am not suggesting that you sit down and think about all of this at once. We both know that would result in absolute overwhelm.  These are just some ideas of what to start working on and to be intentional about.

It is so important to have time that is set aside where you are thinking about your business, and not always just “doing”.

Because we all know, that if we don’t start running our business, it will start running us!

NOW I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU IN THE COMMENTS BELOW: Tell me, what area of your business are you going to start thinking about?



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