When you are starting out with In Person Sales, there are so many “What Ifs” that go through your mind. Today, we are going to go through all those awkward moments that you play over and over in your head about what could happen in your In Person Sales session. Then, we are going to talk about how you can avoid those awkward moments!

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What if…they have not even opened up my pricing?! What if…they have opened up my pricing, but she didn’t show her husband?! What if…she didn’t even invite her husband to the In Person Sales session?! What if…they think I am too expensive?! What if…they are not planning on purchasing this evening?! All these “What Ifs” can make you feel so anxious and you start to dread that In Person Sales session and start wondering why you even switched to IPS! 


Let’s talk about how you can potentially avoid these awkward moments. The very second that someone inquires with you, be very clear about everything you are offering as a Photographer. Be an over-communicator!

There is a great debate on whether or not you should show your clients your prices. To avoid that awkward moment during an IPS session – definitely DO show them your prices prior to their photo shoot. Your clients should not be surprised by your prices. Attach your prices to everything you send them!

Be in constant communication with your clients. Let them know what they are to expect throughout the whole experience with you as their Photographer. Before and after the photo shoot, mention the IPS session. Have it already planned before the photo shoot, or at least before leaving the photo shoot. Tell your clients to have an idea of what they want to order before you meet with them for their IPS session. The goal is to close the sale before the end of the IPS session.


You may have some or many “What Ifs.” Write them all down, and then come up with what you can do if one of those “what if” moments happen. You will have way more “what ifs” than will actually happen during your In Person Sales session. You will end up loving IPS when you get into your groove. We promise!

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Tell us, what’s the most awkward thing that has happened to you in your IPS?  How did you handle it?  Also, what’s one situation you completely fear happening in your IPS?


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