Have you ever had a difficult client? The photo shoot was so much fun, the lighting was great, the location was amazing, and the weather was perfect. But, your client does not like how she looks in any of the pictures… What do you do?! This could be a senior or a mom, because as women, we all struggle with different issues. What can we do so that our clients can embrace who they are?! We are going to talk about ways to help your clients look and feel their best before, during, and after their photo shoots.

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The biggest confidence boost you can give your seniors, boudoirs, or moms is offering professional hair and makeup for their photo shoots. Whenever we get our professional pictures taken we always get our hair and makeup done – and boy do we look and feel beautiful! Having a professional do your clients’ hair and makeup will automatically give them a major boost in confidence. 

A great tip is to show up towards the end of their hair and makeup session and ask them how they are feeling and if they like how they look. This gives them the chance to be 100% happy with their hair and makeup. Also, have a talk with your senior or your mom about hair and makeup, because if they are particular about the way their hair is done, maybe they just want their makeup done and vice versa.

Have a Pinterest board of posing ideas and what to wear during the shoot. Posing tends to be the more awkward part of photo shoots. So, give your clients an idea of some poses that they might like. Also, give them some ideas on what to wear that will look good in photos. Making sure that they are comfortable in what they are wearing and how they are posing is a huge deal in boosting their confidence.

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We can pick out so many different things about ourselves that we do not like. Give your clients a positive pep-talk before the shoot, just to let them remember to always remain positive and say positive things about themselves. 

As you are shooting, give genuine compliments such as telling them how beautiful they look and complimenting their hair or their smile. This is enhancing their confidence in front of the camera. Even offer for them to look at the back of your camera during the shoot. Just showing the back of the camera gives them the confidence of knowing that they are doing okay, and it gives them the chance to change how they are posing or smiling, etc.

Another tip is to have them bring a close friend with them to help loosen them up. It can be more like she’s just out having fun with the girls, versus an intimidating photo shoot. 


We can help our clients feel more at ease in front of our cameras by what we say before, during, and after the photo shoots. Consult with your clients beforehand about any issues or problem areas that they may be struggling with, and help them feel confident and beautiful by some positive encouragement. Give your clients a wonderful experience and they will feel more confident and beautiful during their shoot, and afterwards when they are looking at their photos.

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Tell us… What are some things that you do when you are taking pictures of females that makes them more relaxed and comfortable?


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