All month we are talking about social media! “My client didn’t give me credit! This happens very often! Today on Coffee Talks we are talking about what happens when you do not get credit for your work. When we do not get the credit, we feel like “this is my work! I want you to credit me!” We get the fact that it can feel offensive. BUT, here’s the thing – your clients probably did not do it intentionally!

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Everybody gets angry and offended when somebody does not give them the credit for something they have done. You get fired up. BUT, let’s take a deep breath, and know that your client did not do that on purpose and did not know it would be offensive to you. If they are not a business owner, or especially a photographer, they do not realize that proper etiquette is that you give credit to the photographer who took the photos. So, many of our clients have no idea that they should be tagging and/or crediting their photographer’s work. Especially when they have purchased the digital files – to them, they own these pictures, so they are just posting them.


So, how do we handle it when clients do not give us credit for the pictures we took? DO NOT MESSAGE THEM! If you do message them, they will never book you again, and they will not tell their friends (anything good) about you. What should you do? Comment (nicely) on the photos that your client shared. Comment with a brief, “I’m so happy you like your photos!” and then add the link to your blog or Facebook page. This way anyone who looks at the photos will see your name!

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After the session, let your clients know that when they share these pictures to please give you credit for them, and to not edit them or add any filters onto them. Just be real straight, no nonsense, and be very clear about it. When your clients have a great session with you, they want to sing your praises! So, give them the tools to do so.

Also, when clients purchase digital files, add a second file of websized images with your URL on the photos. That way not matter where the client posts those photos, they will always be tied back to your website. It isn’t very pretty, but that’s okay! It’s functional.

Let’s not forget about metadata! When you are importing your pictures into Lightroom, you can change the metadata in those pictures to your website (Google how to do this, it’s super easy!). The beautiful thing about doing that, is if the photo gets posted on Pinterest or Facebook, the comment below that automatically shows your website. Even if they erase it, they are reminded that it is your photo and will usually give you credit for the photo when the post it.

One last precautionary measure is to post the photos BEFORE they get a chance to post them. Post the photos you know they purchased, and then share them onto your client’s page. That way anyone who sees the post will see your name!


The moral of the story here is that you do not need to get aggressive (or passive aggressive), because most likely your clients LOVE you and they did not mean to offend you! Take some precautionary measures and you will see this happening less often.

All month we will be talking about social media for photographers, so make sure to keep an eye out for our newsletter (and open it up because we always have some goodies in there), because every Wednesday you will be getting the rest of this series! We will be talking about creating content and what to post, etiquette on how to treat clients and “friends requests” and awkward moments on social media, and we will also be talking about boosting Facebook posts and ads. 

Last week on Coffee Talk we talked about Social Media Platforms.



Tell us…has this ever happened to you? How did you react?! We want to hear your stories, and what you’re going to do now!


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