A step-by-step program to help you edit

Faster, Simpler, & Smarter!

***For LR 6 Classic Version

You love Photography, but your editing is sucking the life out of you.

 You are feeling overwhelmed and burned out.  

It used to take me 4-6 hours to edit each shoot! 

Now it only takes me ONE HOUR!

Imagine being able to edit in half the time,

What would that mean for you?

Imagine being able to take on more clients because you know you could actually get your sessions edited quicker.

Imagine editing so much faster that you could spend more time with your family because your head is not buried in your computer all the time.

Imagine being able to take on more clients because you know you could actually get your sessions edited quicker.

Edit in a Snap has literally given back HOURS of time for real life living!  Before I learned all of the Lightroom tricks in Jamie’s tutorials, I was spending a few hours editing each session.  Now, I can cull and edit 300 images in an hour.  WOW.  How’s that for a life changer?!  The videos are organized into manageable chunks of time and I was able to edit right along with her as she guided me through each process.  Her enthusiasm set the positive tone and cheered me on to a more balanced home/work life!   Suzanne Mellott

Suzanne Mellott Photography

I know it can be intimidating learning a new program,

but my step-by-step course will actually SAVE YOU TIME

I knew editing in LR would save me time once I learned,

but I wasted a lot of time fumbling around the program.

That is why I have created a STEP-BY-STEP course that teaches you

everything you need to know to edit in half the time.

  • Importing the right way is crucial

  • I will teach you how to import pictures into an organized, intuitive way

  • Learn how to create folders and sub-folders that will be easy to find

  • Learn my first step of sharpening my pictures

  • Culling can take FOREVER, learn my quick way to reduce the population of your pictures

  • Use shortcut keys to narrow your picture selections down

  • Learn how to delete pictures from your computer right from LR to save space on your computer


  • Learn the functions & power of the individual tools in the basic panel

  • Find out why I love the crop tool in LR way more than in PS

  • Discover how to use the WB tool the proper way

  • Learn how to make your pictures pop with the sliders in this panel

  • Find out why I use the Vibrance slider more than the Saturation slider (this is vital)

  • Understand how to fix out of wak picture with the Target Adjustment Tool

  • How to use the tone curve to influence the mood of your picture

  • Learn how to use HSL to fix skin tones

  • How to use split toning to create a more artistic effect

  • Discover how to use that target adjustment tool to bring out colors

  • Learn my second step for sharpening pictures with the masking slider

  • How to reduce noise in your picture without overdoing it


  • The trick with using tools in LR

  • Understand how to use the spot removal tool effectively

  • Discover how to use the graduated filter to enhance the sky or sunflare

  • Learn to Soften skin, sharpen eyes & whiten teeth with the brush tool


  • The ultimate time saving module!

  • Learn how to create your own presets that work best with your shooting style

  • Learn how to use presets you bought as a base and tweak it

  • Discover the trick to syncing photos and how it can shave hours off your editing

  • Learn the unintimidating way to export your photos for print vs Internet

  • Discover the settings I use for all my exports to keep my pictures sharp & organized

  • Understand how to make presets to export your pictures more quickly

  • Learn how to properly backup all of your edits

  • Learn with ease the “tricky” watermark feature

Custom Style- Start To Finish Edits

I will show you step-by-step how to create a clean & classic look with multiple images

I take you step-by-step how to create the popular matte finish for your images

Learn step-by-step how to create beautiful black and white pictures in LR


  • This handbook is written almost word for word of the course

  • You can print this handbook out and follow along or use it as a reference

For Professional & Up

  • Learn from start to finish how to create simply beautiful book

  • How to make collections to create a books

  • Understand how to make different layouts for each page in your book

  •  All of the presets Jamie uses in the training are right here!

  • Includes a variation of Matte Presets, Classic color pop presets and Black & White presets

Jamie’s Preset Before & Afters


Before I bought Edit in a Snap, I knew that Lightroom was a powerful tool, but didn’t know how to use it to help my business.  After taking Edit in a Snap, I have cut my editing time in half and I spend MUCH less time in Photoshop.  Jamie is THE perfect teacher.  She teaches simply and with enthusiasm and encouragement.  This course is a must for any photographer! Michelle Gifford

Michelle Gifford Photography

First and foremost I really want to say thank you! I’ve only just started the Edit in a Snap training and I’ve learned SO much. Who knew those little sliders could do so much?!!! I can look at a photo now and see what I want to pop and actually know what steps to take to improve it. I’ve really struggled with capturing skin tones while still enhancing the background but the more I learn, the easier it is. This is truly bringing my editing to a new level & I’m already seeing a difference in the time it takes to work through a session.  Sarah Rodriguez

Capture the Bliss Photography

I had taken other Lightroom courses, watched tutorials, etc, and though I knew my way around LR at a functioning level, it still took me way too long to edit.  Last fall, Jamie started sending out little videos with some of the great features of LR. I was hooked. I love this course and I have improved my editing visually and cut my editing time down considerably.  Her instructions were clear and her enthusiasm was contagious! Julie Ross


Edit in a snap rocked my world!  I had not used Lightroom before edit in a snap even though I had it. The videos are so detailed and easy to follow.  My edits are now at that professional level I always admired of other professional photographers.


It also saves me hours of editing time and makes me more profitable after all. Time is money.


I highly recommend this course to all professionals. I love how organized they are so I can easily go back and review something I need to brush up on.
Thanks you Jamie for saving my business! Paige Lampson

Paige Lampson Photography

The skills I learned made all the difference in editing some of my images I wished I had known them sooner!  The biggest tools I learned in Lightroom were Vibrance, how to use my highlights and lights in Tone Curve and luminance.  I look forward to learning more as a member Edit in a SNAP & urge anyone needing to learn Lightroom for the first time or photographers needing to up their game to take the opportunity to purchase.  It’s worth it! Christina Bell

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