I am so excited to share with you this weeks guest, Kari Rae Lewis. She is an  incredible woman embarking on a photographic adventure. What she is doing is very specific, unique, and amazing. When you watch this video, you are sure to be inspired, while also being enlightened, to a whole new way of doing things. She is here to tell us the best tips and tricks on how to evoke real emotion in photoshoots.

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Reasons to Click: In today’s Snap Society Webshow, you are going to Learn:

  1. How to gain confidence to finally create a business you are passionate about.
  2. Learn specific steps Kari uses to evoke true emotion in her sessions.
  3. We want to hearLearn what “bird calling” has to do with photography.


Kari mentioned a couple of websites venders, so we wanted to put the links here for you:

The Beloved Collective

Laura Kathryn

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After you listen to the Webshow, please leave a comment. If you could choose a specific niche like Kari has with couples, what would yours be?

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