Introducing: Brea Robinson Photography

How long have you been in the business?

2.5 years.

Can you tell us about this first picture?

I did some newborn photos for a friend, thankfully just for practice.  The baby was so good and so adorable, but the images are so underexposed.



Now that you are more experienced, when you look at this first picture, what would you say is wrong with it?

The image is really underexposed, making the baby’s skin look dark and red.  The white balance is also off, making the white blanket look blue.

Can you tell us about this second picture?

This image is from one of my recent lifestyle newborn sessions.  One thing I’ve realized is that the images that speak to me the most are images that capture a connection between family members.  I’ve moved away from posed newborn photos and instead I now aim to capture babies in a way that showcases how loved and cherished they are as part of a growing family.


What is one of the biggest things that contributed to your growth as a photographer? 

I didn’t see much growth in my photography until I began investing in myself and in my photography education.  In particular, I invested in learning how to use editing software rather than continuing to guess at how to use it. I learned how to calibrate my monitor in order to ensure that what I was seeing was an accurate depiction of how the image would print.  I stopped trying to figure everything out by trial and error and began learning from experts in the field.  It has made all the difference.

I’ve also learned to listen to my heart and to shoot images that speak to me.  Capturing relationships and connections makes my heart sing.  I’ve moved away from posed photography and I’ve found clients who are drawn to what I’m offering.  This is so life-giving to me as a photographer!

Thank you for sharing, Brea! Beautiful improvement.

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