Introducing: Lafotography

How long have you been in the business?

5 years.

Can you tell us about this first picture?

This was my first attempt at Senior Reps two years ago. It was a very overcast and cold day. My girls chose their outfits and hair and makeup, and I was shooting with a Canon Rebel. I had done just a little research, and honestly, was flying by the seat of my pants.



Now that you are more experienced, when you look at this first picture, what would you say is wrong with it?

OH MY GOSH! That yellow hue – YUCK – My girls are very overexposed, out of focus, too yellow, and they blend into each other to much with the outfits. Nothing stands out!

And my watermark…not so great!

Can you tell us about this second picture?

This picture was completely styled. I had both girls with a hair and makeup stylist using airbrush makeup for a flawless look. I teamed up with a boutique to have my girls in coordinating outfits, and I was in charge of this session from day ONE!

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What is one of the biggest things that contributed to your growth as a Photographer?

Upgrading my camera has allowed me more focus and better range of lighting.

However, the main thing that has helped, is learning from other Photographers. I have finally (just this year) put myself out there for constructive criticism, asked questions, and INVESTED back into my business!

I even have a better brand and watermark, too!

Thank you for sharing, Lindsay! Beautiful improvement.

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