Introducing: Kimmy B. Photography

How long have you been in the business?

6 years.

Can you tell us about this first picture?

I used this image in a marketing ad when I moved to a new small town. I thought at the time it was an awesome photo, and I was sure to get other moms interested in a session with me.



Now that you are more experienced, when you look at this first picture, what would you say is wrong with it?

Almost everything. It’s too cold, underexposed, not tack sharp, there’s food on my kid’s face (UGH) and the background color is oversaturated. The composition is -okay- but cropped too closely. Oh… and it was shot in JPG.

Can you tell us about this second picture?

I took this in late November 2015, at a local nursery. The light, colors, posing, and sharpness have made this one of my absolute favorite photos of my daughter.


What is one of the biggest things that contributed to your growth as a photographer? 

Early on, I dedicated myself to learning at least one new thing every single week about photography. I’ve read countless books, watched tutorials and webinars (CreativeLive has been so helpful), and have never stopped learning in order to grow.

Thank you for sharing, Kimberly! Beautiful improvement.

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