Introducing: Shalon Blackwell Photography

How long have you been in the business?

5 years.

Can you tell us about this first picture?

This was one of the first senior sessions I ever did. Looking at this photo now, I almost wonder why she even paid me! I have come to the conclusion that the only reason I liked this photo, or thought that it was remotely “good” was because my model is so pretty.



Now that you are more experienced, when you look at this first picture, what would you say is wrong with it?

Everything! Except my gorgeous model of course. The fact that she is blurry bugs me so bad, she definitely isn’t in focus, and the more I look at it, nothing really is in focus in this photo! It’s way too edited. I also used the no flash setting when I first started out because it’s the only thing that seemed to work for me, and, I didn’t know how to shoot any other way!

Can you tell us about this second picture?

This is a portrait of one of my best friends. We have the same style, so we put our heads together and decided we wanted to do a boho style shoot. We went shopping, picked out her outfit, I sent her inspiration photos of what I was looking for, and she came up with this head piece, which she made herself. We live in the country, so we just drove until we found a landscape that we wanted! One of my favorite photos I’ve ever photographed. The colors are perfect, and my model was working that camera!


What is one of the biggest things that contributed to your growth as a photographer? 

It took me a long time to try and figure out my photography style. I knew my style and what I wanted my photos to look like, but my problem was editing, and not knowing my camera didn’t help either. I stayed on my computer all the time, looking up tutorials, playing in lightroom, and then finally, I found out how to edit my pictures. I still learn from myself every time I do a shoot. I do hair and makeup as well, and I got a gig to do hair and makeup for a really awesome children’s photographer who also hosts workshops. It was a win/win situation, I got to do hair and makeup, but I also got to learn from her and some really awesome photographers. One of the photographers attending the shoot worked with me one-on-one and showed me how to use my camera, and shoot manually. My photos have changed drastically! It really makes such a difference when you actually know how to use your camera.

Thank you for sharing, Shalon! Beautiful improvement.

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