One of the more formidable challenges a Photographer can face is getting the skin tone of their clients as close to correct as possible in a photo. Skin tone can set any professional portrait apart from a simple snapshot. Brightening skin tones can be a fickle operation, because you just want to focus on brightening the skin and not increasing the exposure of the photo overall. Well, have no fear, because The Snap Society is here with just a quick, easy tutorial on how to brighten skin in Lightroom.


how to brighten skin in lightroom


Amy Short, of Amy Kristin Photography, is back with us today to share her (very) quick tip on how to brighten a client’s skin without increasing the exposure overall. She is going to show us how to make the skin a little bit brighter, and still retain the darkness and the richness of the background.



  • Go to your Luminance in the HSL panel in Lightroom
  • If you are unsure of your client’s skin tone, you can use the Targeted Adjustment tool. Just over it over your client’s skin, and it will show you the colors in their skin.
  • Just increase the prominent color by moving the little triangle to the right.

And you’re done! This is a super, simple trick in Lightroom that allows you to brighten the skin only!

Comment below if you found this tip helpful! Do you struggle with brightening skin tones? Is there any other areas of editing that you struggle with?


Amy Short is the owner and Photographer of Amy Kristin Photography. AKP is based in Southern Rhode Island, and specializes in child and family portraiture, with a focus on styled children’s sessions. Amy also teaches beginning and intermediate Photographers, both in person and online.





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