Last week, Laura Ludwig showed us how to create a beautiful sky overlay in Photoshop. Today, she is continuing on with the sky overlay and adding the finishing touches to the photo by mirroring the sky onto the glassy sand.


how to create a mirrored sky in photoshop


Laura Ludwig, of Laura Lynn Photography, is here today to share a wonderful tutorial she made just for us on how to create a mirrored sky in Photoshop. This is such a great, step-by-step video tutorial.



As you may remember, we added the sky overlay and created separation with some Curves. We also made some separation from the subjects and the background by adding a white line at the horizon line. From here, we are going to turn off the Curves layer and the white line layer, we don’t need them right now.


  • Duplicate the Sky Layer
  • Hit Command T, and drag the new sky later from the top to the bottom. Move it to where you want it to go.
  • You will need to delete the Layer Mask you just duplicated (not the layer itself, just the Mask).
  • Create a new Mask for the mirrored sky
  • You will want to use the white line Layer Mask that you created earlier, because you have already removed the white line from your subjects. So, click and drag to the new Layer Mask, and click “yes.”
  • With a black brush at 100% opacity, remove the overlapping sky from the sky and the horizon line
  • Add the layers back in, and that’s it!

Pro Tip: The mirrored sky isn’t typically as the same opacity as the sky above, so reduce the opacity to make it look more realistic. 

Now you have a beautiful sky with a matching mirrored image at the bottom, nice and subtle.


Comment below if you found this tutorial helpful. Have you ever wanted to add a mirrored image, but was unsure how to do it? Are you going to give it a try?



Laura Ludwig is a Lifestyle Family Photography servicing the Joshua Tree, California and surrounding areas. Her focus is on capturing the emotional connection between those who step in from of her lens, and providing exceptional customer service and heirloom quality products.







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