Ana Brandt was nominated by
Vanessa Kuns.

“Ana is passionate about the work that she does and has given so much of her time, talent, knowledge, and inspiration to other photographers that she deserves to be recognized for her efforts.” – Vanessa

How did you get started in photography? Or, tell us about the moment when you knew that photography was for you.

I started taking pictures as a teen. For ten years I was “Aunt Ana with a camera” – photographing my nieces and nephews – not understanding why – just knowing how much I loved it. I had no intention of ever becoming a professional photographer. As an adopted child, I have no photos of my biological family or myself as a baby. I was always driven to capture photos of babies and young children, I believe as a constant quest to fill that void. After ten years of shooting as an amateur and going to classes for photography – one day a Professor told me ” to go do what I was born to do”. I registered my business and never looked back – that was 15 years ago.


 How did you figure out your Photography/editing style?

I believe that the style evolves as we do. As we mature and grow into who we are. When I started, I was 29. I had no children and was just figuring out my own personal style. I was always drawn to classic black and whites after studying Ansel Adams work for years. I loved the work of Anne Geddes – in her simplest form of work. I have always kept a simple clean style – in my shooting and edits – it has just matured over time.

What has been your biggest setback?

I had only one setback in 15 years and that was a health issue 5 years ago that left me in the hospital without blood or iron. Once I had infusions and transfusions – I was left with no diagnosis. The Doctors – tests – time spent agonizing over my health was a setback in just generally how I felt about who I was and where I was going. I didn’t sit back too long – I decided I would get what I needed to get to be healthy and just focus on my future. I still get infusions and monitor my blood and iron but it doesn’t allow me to miss a beat.


 What gives you the passion to keep going?

The sheer desire. I love taking pictures. I know how important visual history is to find out where we have been and to help us see where we are going.

What is one thing you wish every Photographer knew?

Time and Patience are required. That it is a lifelong journey and you are as good as your last shot. Keep going – be patient with the process and know it is a creative art which means perfection is unattainable.


We would love for you to give us one tip, any tip, regarding Photography.

For hobbyists – keep the subjects away from walls or backgrounds to avoid shadows when using flash or lighting. With children – get low – to their level and shoot at their height – you will see into their world a bit differently, rather then looking “down”. (I think that was two tips)

What is a quote you live by?

“Go Confidently In the Direction of Your Dreams. Life the Life You’ve Imagined.” – Henry David Thorearu

I have it on a pillow on my bed so I see it every morning and every night.

What is your next Photography goal?

To finish the books I am writing.


What does real beauty mean to you?

Real beauty is joy that is manifested on the outside, by the gratitude felt on the inside.

How do you instill real beauty into your clients?

Encouragement – all the way. I know they are tired, down, exhausted and not always feeling up for a photo session. I try and keep the energy high and remind them I am going to make them look amazing and to just trust the process.

Quick Fire Questions:

Favorite color? Gray
Favorite lens? Canon USM 24-70 II
Lightroom or Photoshop? both
Favorite midnight snack? I don’t eat at midnight – like ever. Favorite snack is blueberries and vanilla gluten free wafers. (ok that’s 2)
How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? If I am lucky I get 10 minutes! I have three kids – which includes 2 girls who are always in my bathroom. I try and shower before kids wake up or late at night so I can be super quick. I also try and decide what I am going to wear the night before. 10 minutes would be a lucky day if I have it to get ready!


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