Is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) still relevant? If so, how? I’m talking with Corey Potter, of, who knows so much more about SEO than I do! We will be discussing whether or not SEO is still relevant for websites today, and Corey will also be sharing with us 3 Tips on how to make SEO work for you.


Why is SEO so important? We make beautiful websites, why do we need to make sure there is good SEO? First, let me explain what SEO actually means. SEO is figuring out how a search engine understands quality, and the signals that it looks at. We just need to figure out how we can make sure we are influencing those signals in the right way. We need to know how to change the right pieces so that Google will see it as high quality.



SEO is still 100% relevant. There have been rumors going around that SEO is not relevant anymore. The main reason for people speaking up against SEO, is that there is a misconception of what SEO actually is. SEO is just really how you present your brand online. Another reason people believe SEO is not relevant, is that you may be hearing that from companies who are trying to push you toward paid advertisements. In reality, paid ads will make you book faster, because SEO does take a few months to start seeing results, which is why you are told not to focus on SEO.



So, why is SEO so important? You already made a beautiful website, why do you need to make sure there is good SEO?

You need a long-term stability plan. If you plan on being in business for a long time, you need a plan for a stable source of new leads and new clients. Having a good website with great optimization, where you rank well and get organic traffic, is a way you don’t have to spend so much time and energy to bring you in enough leads during the slow seasons. It could really sustain your business. You will be able to cast a really wide net and get leads on autopilot. SEO may be slow to build up – it can take about 6 months or so for it to really gain traction.

Think about how often you are getting on Google and searching. If you think about how often you search, it really makes it a reality. It’s really important that you learn about SEO, because then clients are able to find you, instead of you hunting for clients. Even if you are in a busy season right now, it’s the perfect time to work on your SEO because you will have content to be putting out.



#1 – Set up Google My Business. Don’t neglect it, make sure it is always up to date. Also, the website, address, business name, and phone number that you put in Google My Business should be the same that you use all across the web. If someone has the same business name or similar as you, Google needs to know how to match up all the right information to the right entity. Also – BRAND CONSISTENCY!

#2 – Most people do not realize that the number one tool that you have is GOOGLE SEARCH. You should be learning how to use Google search, and exploring with what Google is showing. If you are familiar with what Google likes to show, and make good observations and make patterns, then you are going to know what to do with your site.

Type in site:[yourdomain].com (no spaces) and hit enter.(Example: It will show you everything that Google has indexed from that site. It is extremely revealing about what Google has saved from your site. Look to see if all the results there are of high quality. It will help with your overall domain authority.

#3 – On your site, you should really think about having one page to target one topic, and you should be very intentional about targeting specific targets on specific pages. Do not write a bunch of blog posts that target the same thing as your page is targeting for. It’s called “keyword cannibalization.” Using the same keyword phrase for each page actually works again each other. Google won’t know which one to show.


You can get all these tips and more, and a great Community in Corey’s Fuel Your Photos Facebook Community. You can get in there and ask SEO questions, and for those of you who SEO is a new term, reading conversations is a great starting point!

There is a lot we can do with our websites and SEO, if you are really wanting your website to work for you, Corey has an awesome service going on where he will come in and audit your website. The most fundamental thing we can do is to do a real good, in-depth audit, so we can make a plan to fix it. What you need is a human to think about your business goals, look at your website, and make real suggestions that are personal to you, and make suggestions to fix it. You will be getting an expert telling you, “here is what you are doing wrong and what you need to fix first.” To find out more, CLICK HERE.




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