When you ask a Photographer what their favorite feature of Lightroom is, one of the most common answers you will hear is “Presets!” Developing presets make editing a session extremely fast; usually requiring only minor tweaks here and there when you get everything right in-camera.

On the flip side, many Photographers really struggle with remembering export settings. In fact, many of us keep cheat sheets nearby to keep track of file, image size, and sharpen settings. Well, what would you say if I told you that you did not need that cheat sheet anymore? With Lightroom’s export presets, you can save all of these settings and never need to worry about them again!


how to create lightroom export presets



  • In Lightroom, go to the Export menu (file > export)
  • Input the settings you want to use as a preset. For example, these are the settings I use for images I post to Facebook:
    • Export Location: I have a specific folder that I export all my Facebook images to. If you export into various folders, set this to “Choose folder later.”
    • File Settings: JPEG, sRGB, 100 Quality, and Limit File Size unchecked.
    • Image Sizing: Resize to fit long edge, 2048 px, don’t enlarge, 72 ppi.
    • Output Sharpening: Sharpen for screen, low.
    • Post-Processing: I set this to “show in explorer” since I typically upload to Facebook soon after I have exported the images.
  • On the bottom left of the dialog box, click the “add” button, and name your new preset. In this case, I have named it “Facebook.” Click “create.”

That’s all there is to creating an export preset. Now, if you want to use it, you can go to “file > export with preset,” and Lightroom will remember all of the settings you saved. No more cheat sheets!



Modifying a preset is just as easy as creating one. For this example, I’m going to reduce the quality of the image being exported.

  • Go to the export menu (file > export)
  • Select your preset from the menu on the left side
  • Change any of the settings (in this case, reducing image quality to 80)
  • Right click on the preset and select “update with current settings”

I use presets to export for Facebook, print, website, headers, website images, and MailChimp.


Are you excited to add export presets to your Lightroom workflow? I hope you find them as useful as I do!


Jennifer Lukes is the owner and Photographer behind Jennifer Lukes Photography. Based out of Bellevue, Washington, Jennifer Lukes Photographer specializes in family, child, and newborn portraits. Jennifer loves photos rich with color and full of emotion. In addition to being a Photographer, she is a wife, mom of boys, and ice cream enthusiast.






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