Let’s talk about Marketing Strategies! How do you get your business out there, and how do you grow it?!

I decided to bring along a friend of mine, Nate Grahek of stickymarketingtools.com, to talk with you about a couple of Marketing Strategies. Today we have a couple of different ideas to share with you on when and how to market, email marketing, and using videos for marketing! You can watch the video, or you can scroll down and read a summary of the interview.



Where are you right now? Are you feeling crazy busy? But, the busy season will end. So, how do you set up your Marketing Strategy to continue when the busy season ends? A lot of times we do marketing in “reactionary mode.” But, marketing has to be something that is ongoing.

Nate’s big mission for the next year, is to help Photographers to build simple Automations. So, when you go head down into your work, vacation, family time – when you look up, you will still see leads and customers. It should never be just crickets. It can be hard to focus on Marketing all time time because, as entrepreneurs, we are wearing multiple hats. We do our own marketing, sales, designing, taking pictures – we are in charge of everything. Marketing is one of those things that we cannot let fall off. If we can automate our marketing, we are in a much better position.



Do you currently have an email list? Or are you just depending on Social Media? Social media is great, because you have social proof that you are around and active. It is just so much work and requires so much maintenance. If you can turn your social audience into your subscriber audience, that is where your true marketing can take place. With social media, you have to pay to be seen. When you can get email subscribers, you can show them or tell them something for free.

You can approach Email Marketing two different ways:

  • Newsletter Marketing. You have a form on your website that says, “Subscribe to my newsletter!” This is still effective, but it does require you to consistently send out information. The reality is that now people’s email inboxes are filling up with too many emails. In every industry it is still the most effective channel to build relationships with clients, but you have to get those clients to want to read your emails.
  • Nurturing Sequence Marketing. Create an automation of emails for your new subscribers. For the first two weeks, your subscriber is the most valuable lead and subscriber that you will have. You can have 7-10 emails that are already pre-written and scheduled to go out in the next two weeks. Less work for you, and you are still making sure that your new subscribers will not forget about you.

Find out more about Nate’s FREE Sticky Email Course HERE



When deciding on how you want your website to attract the right people, think back at what you do best in person. How can you use technology to do a better job than what you do in person? You want your website to be about your potential client, not completely about you. It is more of an authentic way to be with somebody. What your website needs is a gift or lead magnet. Instead of inviting people to subscribe to your newsletters, it is having a really simple offer on your website that they can really respond to.



You all know that I am all about using videos to connect with my subscribers and potential subscribers. I have done many, many, many videos during my four years of The Snap Society. It all started on Periscope! I love doing vlogging and video interviews and Facebook Lives. This gives your subscribers a chance to really see and know who you are, and it creates the trust and like factor. If you have not tried out using videos to connect with people, I really recommend giving it a go!


So, to recap everything we talked about. It is so super important to be doing marketing ALL THE TIME. Put marketing into place and having a plan, and even automating whatever you can. Create email marketing, lead magnets, story branding, and videos! Nothing happens over night, but if you stick with it, you will be a marketing pro!




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