Today I have a special guest with me, Steve Cuss. If you struggle with anxiety when you go to a photo shoot, or talking about your prices, raising your prices, or reveal nights. What it does to me, either I don’t show up at all, meaning I’ll decide not to do something because I’m so anxious over it. Or I’ll push through the anxiety, but I don’t do it well. Steve is my pastor/teacher. We will be talking about how to identify the anxiety, how to name it, and what to do with it.



I remember for the first couple of years of my Photography career, I would drive up to my photo shoot, and my heart would start pounding out of my chest. Or, I would get ready for a Reveal Night, and I would panic about whether or not they would love the pictures like I did. And do not even get me started on when it comes to raising my prices! In the beginning I got so anxious that I actually didn’t do it!

Anxiety can be a beast! If it has a grip on you, it can paralyze you from accomplishing what you really desire. Steve and I are discussing how we can figure out what triggers our anxiety, and how to get a hold of it so it does not take hold of us.


Anxiety tends to have a grip on us, and there are a few tools on how to get a grip on it. If you can flip the power dynamic, you can actually be free from the things that plague you.

Anxiety can start with a spinning mind, a racing heart, or a tightening gut.

  • Step 1 would be try to figure out how it starts with you, because if you can name where it starts, you can actually intervene earlier.
  • Step 2 would be if you are able to notice when you are anxious. Many people do not know that they are anxious until they are really anxious.
    • If you can name what makes you anxious, you can have power over it.
  • Step 3 you need to figure out tricks that make you not as anxious.
    • When you are anxious, the temptation is to worry more about your anxiety.
    • Stop, and take care of yourself first.


  • Physical activity will help you bring focus to yourself.
  • If you can learn to think about the way you think. Start to notice when you’re stuck. If you keep seeming to do the same solution to the same problem and it’s not getting anywhere, that’s a sign.



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