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Coffee Talk: Does Everyone Deserve Custom Photography?

  LET’S TALK IF EVERYONE DESERVES CUSTOM PHOTOGRAPHY This summer’s series has been on how to become a premium priced Photographer, how to do In Person Sales, and all those most uncomfortable topics! Hopefully we are giving you tips on how to get over your fears, so that your photography can actually be a legit business, and not just a... read more

How She Kept A Profitable Business After Moving

Rachael Venema began her Photography business back in 2010 to provide some extra income for her family and to allow her to stay home with her small children. After 2 years of trying to make her business work, she ended up having to get a part-time job on top of trying to get her business going. It was then that... read more

Weekly Favorites

Wonderful WEEKLY FAVORITES photo submissions for our weekly photography challenge!! I so love looking through the submissions each week. Keep sending in your amazing work! This week we chose the submissions from Instagram! Check them out below! There are several ways to be featured on The Snap Society! One way to be featured is to submit to our “How Far... read more

How She Got Clients to Value Her Work

Jillian Shelton realized that she had a talent and passion for Photography, and wanted to be able to provide that service to others. When Jillian started her Photography business, she was booking like crazy – but she was not making any money. She was working all day while her children were watching too much TV, and all night instead of... read more

Coffee Talk: Fear of Losing Clients

  LET’S TALK RAISING PRICES & LOSING CLIENTS This month we are talking all about raising our prices, In Person Sales, and all the other scary things that at some point we realize that we need to get to….yet we don’t want to do. Turning your hobby into an actual business requires doing so many hard things. So, we are... read more

How She Got Her Passion for Photography Back

Carla Lehman started her Photography business way back in 2003, and by 2012 she lost her passion for photography and was burned out and quit. She just had no systems in place, and because of that the most uttered phrase in her house was, “Mommy can’t right now, I’m working.” Carla hated the work load, hated the time taken from... read more