Offering photography products that fit your brand is the key to your success. Everything you do ties together and backs up your branding message to your clients. Intentionally keeping your offerings very simple, keeps you from overwhelming your clients or creating confusion on the back end by having to keep track of too many products or vendors. Select a few products that you feel really speak to your brand, and that you will know that your clients will love.




First, I want you to write down 3 words that represent your brand. Write down a few words that might describe your ideal client or their style. You can even create a Pinterest board about what your dream client loves, the type of clothes she might wear, or what her home looks like. This will help you start honing in on what you should offer your clients.

Is your dream client refined and have a minimal style? Are they casual, yet bohemian? Do they prefer a rustic style? Bright or dark?


When choosing products, first start with a broad idea of what you want to offer. Do you want to sell wall art? Focus on albums? Or maybe portfolio boxes? Narrow that down first, then start to look for the products to fit into those categories. Think about the mediums and textures used in the products you are looking at. Do they go with your client’s style? Find the products that fit with the words you wrote down earlier.

Next, think about your income goals. How much does this product cost? How much will you need to charge for this item? Is this item going to be too expensive to offer? Think about looking for products that are low cost but add high value for your clients. You might even be able to get creative to elevate a product. For example, in a portfolio box instead of matting a regular print, you can matte a canvas print. What can you create to elevate a simple product that will be unique to you and something that your clients will love?


Keep product offerings simple. Especially if you are new to In-Person-Sales. I only offer one album in 3 sizes. I’m not overwhelming my clients with a bunch of cover options, because I have already done my homework. I know what my dream client loves. Too many choices will cause overwhelm.

For example, I offer two types of wall art right now – gallery wrapped canvas, and one frame style. Giving my clients a choice, but still not overwhelming them with too many options. This has worked great for me!


Lastly, after you have gotten started with IPS, and/or your new product selections, continue studying your dream client. Then, see what your clients are gravitating to when they are ordering. I know every market is different, and some areas may love a certain product, while other areas are just not into it. We have to continue learning and studying what our clients love. If a client tells me that they do not want something, I try to ask more questions to find out why they are not drawn to that product to better understand. Because of this, I now know that my dream client is not really into gallery wrapped canvases, because she feels like it seems to cheap to her. So, when evaluating my business at the end of the year, I may even email a select few of my past dream clients, and ask them for their opinion between a few new products that I am considering, and would love to get their opinion.


I hope you found this helpful! Once you find the right fitting products for your brand, everything should all feel cohesive and unique to YOU!



Jenny Beck Mortenson is the owner and Photographer of Jenny Beck Photography. She is a wife and mom, and loves turning families into art! She has a lifestyle approach to photographing families and newborns in Columbus, Ohio. Jenny has been a Photographer for 9 years, and enjoys running a full-service Photography business.






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