This morning while I was having my coffee, sitting here ready to write a blog about mini-sessions, I decided to do a little market research.  I googled “Year Round Mini-Sessions”.  I was amazed at the results I got!  It looks like there are a lot of you out there offering mini-sessions YEAR ROUND.  Giving your clients an option to choose a “mini-session” instead of a full session to suit their budgetary needs.

In theory I can see how this would make sense.  “Not everyone can afford me at my full price so I should offer myself at half’s better than not booking at all”

Now, you might be saying “I don’t offer them all the time so I’m good”.  Another level of this year round mini-session epidemic (is that a little too dramatic?) is offering mini-sessions multiple times a year.  We’ve got Spring mini-sessions, Easter minis, Mother’s Day minis, Father’s Day minis, Summer mini-sessions, Halloween minis,  Fall mini-sessions,  Holiday mini-sessions, and even Snow mini-sessions. All these options are giving your clients an opportunity to wait for the times of year you are offering your mini-sessions, is essentially the same as offering year round mini-sessions.

What I want you to ask yourself is what does this do for your brand, your business, and the way that your clients view and value you?  Lets just go ahead and say it…it’s not adding value!

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Now you may be thinking that I’m about to tell you that you can’t offer mini-sessions other than at the holidays.  Don’t worry that’s not what I’m going to say!

There are so many reasons to LOVE mini-sessions-

  • One full day of SO. MUCH. FUN with your clients.
  • Great specialized images
  • Adding hype and excitement around your business
  • Most of all…a quick flow of cash!

With all these great reasons to love mini-sessions, you better believe you’ll want to do them more than once a year. I know I do!

The key to being able to offer mini-sessions more than once a year is making sure you’re running them in a way that will add value to your business, build excitement around your business, give your clients a good experience and bring in a substantial profit.

When I say substantial profit I’m not talking about a few hundred dollars…we all would love an extra couple hundred dollars in our account…I know I would, BUT if it meant a full day of shooting and a few nights of editing & product order, a few hundred dollars wouldn’t be enough.  For a mini-session to be profitable, for me, I need thousands.  I need to be making my same hourly wage that I make from my full sessions.


A perfectly executed mini-session day will not make you work harder for less money out of desperation.  A perfectly executed mini-session day is going to bring you quick cash for your time spent. You’re going to work more than normal over a few days so you’re going to make more than normal over a few days. This means that YOU WILL NOT DE-VALUE yourself or your time!

I know it sounds hard but I promise it can be wonderful! Your mini-sessions can bring you in a great profit, add value and excitement to your brand, bring you new clients and they can be fun! It’s not too good to be true!

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