OH my gosh you guys! If you need to broaden your client base, & make more money,

then you have to watch this interview….and take notes!!

On today’s interview, I talk with Lori Nordstrom on how to make some quick cash while also finding your dream clients through Profitable Portrait Parties! 

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Watch the interview to learn more about Portrait Parties OR you can read a summary of the interview down below.
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  • A “glorified event!”
  • For Lori’s Portrait Parties, she only photographs children for wall portraits for their bedrooms.
  • Lori calls up one mom and invites her to host the Portrait Party at her home. This mom is well-connected and one of Lori’s previous clients.
  • The mom invites 10-15 of her friends, and will get a $50 credit for each family that takes part.
  • Lori will do a pre-consultation with each family before the day of the Portrait Party. This is when she discusses what will happen during the time of her shooting, what products she has to offer, and a chance to answer any questions the family may have.
  • Each session is $50 per child, up to 3 children.
  • There is a photo shoot every 30 minutes. Lori takes the photos, and then has her sales team do the sale right after the shoot.
  • Lori utilizes what the host house has to offer. Even if it’s raining or snowing outside – bring umbrellas or hats and gloves! It’s a time to have fun. It is too difficult to reschedule the event, so she just makes it work!
  • The photos Lori shows to her clients are not edited. This way, Lori only has to “edit to perfection” the photos that the clients order.
  • Lori does sell digital images, but digitals cannot be purchased individually, and offers no discounts on them. Each client will be emailed web-sized images.
  • On average, Lori makes $1600 per client on these days. Lori started the Portrait Parties back in 2009, and when she made $10,000 that day, she knew she was on to something big!
  • Lori does a Portrait Party once every month.


  • For choosing the host – choose a client that you enjoy working with! Say something like, “I thought of you because you are so well-connected, you know so many great people, and I love photographing your kids. I would love to give you an opportunity for a free session and to earn up to $600 in credit.”
  • Host moms have created private Facebook groups, emailed, and physically handed out invites to friends.
  • The host mom’s job is to get her friends excited for the event!
  • There has never been a whole group of clients at this event that did not want to buy, because Lori does a phone consultation before the event, so every family knows what to expect – and so does Lori.
  • Communication is key! Do not have your host mom answering any questions about pricing, etc. Take the time to call each client to get to know them, and to let them know what to expect.


  • Remember that you are making money from the sale of the product, so choose what products you want to sell and promote those first.
  • You need to have a structured pricing system and then price appropriately.
  • Remember to put your family and your business first.
  • Have your scripts and systems in place so you are not caught in any awkward moments with the clients. It’s all about communication!



Are Portrait Parties something you would be interested in trying? Let me know what you think in the comments! 


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