Figuring out your DSLR camera can be a challenge – but a fun one! Many beginner Photographers are more concentrated on figuring out exposure, while getting an accurate color is often over-looked. Let’s make post-processing easier and faster, by getting the correct color in camera! If you are interested in producing perfect color straight out of the camera, you should be measuring and setting a Custom White Balance for each lighting condition you come across. Objects change their color depending on the lighting conditions that they are under. Our eyes and our brain compensate for that really easily, but our cameras do not. If you do not set a Custom White Balance in your camera, your color can be off.


how to select custom white balance in camera


Julie Collins, of Julie Collins Photography, is here for Tip Me Tuesday to share her quick pointers on selecting Custom White Balance in camera. All you need is a gray card and your camera!



  • You need a gray card. They come in different sizes, but a large gray card is easier to fill the frame – and it doubles as a reflector.
  • Take a picture of your gray card with your camera, filling the entire frame with the gray part.
  • Go to Camera Settings – Menu – White Balance
  • Your camera will probably already be set to AWB, which is Auto White Balance
  • Click Set – set to Custom – click Set
  • Scroll down one to Custom White Balance – click Set – click Okay

And that’s it! That is all it takes to get your color and your camera perfect!


Comment below if you found this tutorial helpful. Do you struggle with getting the correct colors in your photos? Have you ever used a gray card?


Julie Collins is an award-winning portrait Photographer and the artist behind Julie Collins Photography, based in Southern Wisconsin. Her images are characterized by bold color and authentic emotion. Her work has been recognized by the worldwide photography community. Candid, “in the moment” photographs touch her heart deepest and what feeds her passion for story-telling through her lens.






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