A 5 Day Crash Course in SEO

Learn all you need to know to climb the ranks of Google!




You’re doing everything you can to fill your schedule…

but you’ve avoided SEO like the plague

SEO sounds a little too techy for you.

and you don’t possibly have the time to learn it!

The truth is, SEO doesn’t have to be a huge task. SEO can be learned and implemented into your everyday workflow AND you can quickly climb the ranks of Google with the right knowledge!

Imagine filling up your calendar

with new clients

Imagine being able break out of your

circle and into your target market’s circle.

Imagine being the #1 well known

photographer in your area.

It’s all possible with this 5-Day SEO Challenge

The Snap Society’s SEO challenge

is a step-by-step, day-by-day challenge

to break down SEO into a simple easy to

accomplish task.

This course is made up of 5 lessons

and a PDF workbook designed to help

make SEO as simple and effective as it

can be.

Learn everything you need to know about

SEO for just $79

-Course Lessons Include-

Day 1: Keyword Brain Dump

In this lesson you’ll learn how to choose the right keywords and key phrases for your business. You’ll leave this lesson with a long list of possible keywords to choose from every time you blog! No more guess work!

Day 2: Get on the Map!

In this lesson you’re going to learn how to get your pin on the Google map.  You’ll learn how to set the whole thing up AND how to make sure Google sees you and brings you right up to the top of the list. This will also be a great tool to showcase your business to potential clien

Day 3: Optimization Checklist

This day is a HUGE lesson of exactly what you should be doing all over your site to make sure it’s optimized. We’ll go over what to put where and what to do with all of those keywords from day 1!  We’ll also leave you with a plan for every time you blog to make sure your site continues to climb that Google ladder

Day 4: Links, Links & More Links

In today’s lesson we’re talking all about links! We’re going to talk about what links are good, what links are bad and how to get them! We’re talking inbound links, outbound links and backlinks…did I mention this lesson was about links?!

Day 5: SEO No-No's

As with anything in business…there’s rules.  Google has rules and if we don’t play by the rules Google can blacklist us (never show us again!). We don’t want that to happen so today’s lesson we’re going to talk about the rules we need to play by to stay safe on Google!

Downloadable PDF Workbook

PDF downloads will help you implement what you’re learning in each lesson.

They’ll guide you through each step of the process

Join us now for the SEO Challenge!

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