We all know that Facebook’s algorithms are continually changing, and because of that we have to be on top of things! We have to figure out what is still working on social media and how to get our business out there. When I first started on Facebook, I could post something about my business or shoot that I did, and I would get bookings immediately after that. Now when I post something, people do not really even see it! It’s so frustrating! Let’s talk about that today!

facebook groups for business


So, what do we do for our businesses now that Facebook’s algorithms have changed even more? Do we pay for ads? Actually, Facebook ads do work very well. I have seen many great things happen from paid ads on Facebook. If you are going to put your marketing dollars somewhere, Facebook ads are really the place to be – in my opinion. But, what about a more organic reach? Facebook Groups are doing really well, and it puts you in front of your audience without you having to pay for it.




The first thing you need to do is to think about who should be in your Facebook Group. You definitely want people who are local to you – why?! Because they will be your POTENTIAL CLIENTS! For example, if you are a Family Photographer, your potential clients will be moms. So, what you would be talking about in the group are topics that interest moms.




1 – You will enhance the KNOW, TRUST, and LIKE factor. You will be getting people to know you, then trust you, and then like you – which in turn will make them want to hire you as their photographer. You will be putting tips, helpful hints and articles, and starting dynamic conversations in your Facebook Group. These will engage them to keep talking with the community, so that the more they engage in your group, the more you pop up in their Facebook feed.

2 – You are going to become the EXPERT to them. When you make a Facebook Group, you won’t just be posting pictures of your shoots (of course, there is a place for that and you will do that, but that should not be the majority of what you do). You could talk about photography, how they can take better pictures of their kids, and organization. Make posts about what relates to your target clients. Think about what the main focus of the group is, and then you really need to speak to that. As you are doing that, you are becoming the expert.

3 – You will be getting SEEN over and over again. You may have popped up in a potential client’s feed once or twice, but when it comes to hiring a photographer, that potential client is going to hire whomever pops up in their feed at that time. But, if they are a part of your group and constantly active, you are going to be forefront on their minds when it comes time to finding a photographer.




1 – Your TIME! Starting up a Facebook Group is free, but you will be paying for it with your time. If you do not spend time getting your group engaged, your group will be forgotten about and become inactive. There is no point to a group if no one is engaging in it. Having a Facebook Group will take your time to cultivate relationships with those in your group. You will have to commit yourself to engaging in the group.

2 – SPAMMERS! I don’t know what it is, but once you get one spammer in the group, somehow they let all their spammy friends know and you’ve got a ton of spammers in the group. You have to be really careful and vet people before you let them in the group. Don’t make it just an open group, they have to ask to join the group. It will take time to vet these people to make sure that they are real, and it will take time to get those spammers out of there.




Overall, I would say that if you love community and love cultivating community – Facebook Groups is a great way to get exposure for you business for free. But, remember that nothing is actually free, right? There is always some give-and-take, and the cost to Facebook Groups is definitely going to be your time.


>>>>>>>>>I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU<<<<<<<<<

Do you have a Facebook Group already? How has it gone? Did you have one and it sort of died and you want to revive it? OR if you are thinking of a Facebook Group, what are your concerns about starting a group? And if you started one, what are your challenges?






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