Have you ever had that one family group where no one is looking at the camera at the same time?! Or maybe it’s that uncooperative toddler, and you just get so few images of him looking at the camera. Maybe it’s the teen who doesn’t want to smile, or the dad who keeps blinking! I mean, come on people, just keep your eyes open  and smile at the camera, am I right?! Do you need a how-to for an easy head swap in Photoshop?


the easiest head swap in photoshop


Today, Julie Collins, of Julie Collins Photography, shares with us step-by-step instructions on how to do a head swap in Photoshop. I mean, this is life-changing information. Not only does she make it easy to understand, now we can create the perfect family photo – where even Mom is happy with the outcome!



  • Take a picture that has a good shot of the person’s face that you need to swap
  • Use your Lasso Tool, and make a circle around the head
  • Copy and paste it into the photo you want to fix
  • Zoom in, and move the copied head on top of the original head that you want to swap
  • Change the opacity on the copied head’s layer so you can see both images. Then Transform the face so that it lines up with the outside of the original head (the ears and the top of the head)
  • Then, take your Erase Tool and just erase around the outside of anything that you don’t want to keep – being careful not to get too close to the face
  • Combine the images and then save!

Pro tip: To check your work, change the opacity back to 100%, and then flip back and forth between the two images

Now you have a photo where everyone is looking at the camera and no one will know what you had to do to get it!

Comment below if you found this tutorial helpful. Have you ever tried head swapping? Who have you had to head swap the most?


Julie Collins is an award-winning portrait Photographer and the artist behind Julie Collins Photography, based in Southern Wisconsin. Her images are characterized by bold color and authentic emotion. Her work has been recognized by the worldwide photography community. Candid, “in the moment” photographs touch her heart deepest and what feeds her passion for story-telling through her lens.





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