The Snap Society Community is a community that we created for photographers go learn, grow and inspire.  We absolutely know that there are a MILLION photography Facebook groups out there but The Snap Society Community is a Facebook group unlike any other we’ve seen.

When we started The Snap Society Community we set out with some big goals in mind.


First and foremost our main goal was to create a group full of kindness.  This is the only photography Facebook group that we know of that does not tolerate rude, belittling comments.


We wanted to create a group that would turn into a community.  This is the most unselfish group of photographers around.  Questions don’t go unanswered in this group.  We’ve built a community who is out there to help each other.


Growth for the group and for you as a photographer. In The Snap Society Community we have daily discussion topics. We’ve done that purposely to optimize what you’ll be able to get out of this group.  When photography groups grow sometimes they get crazy, too hard to monitor and they become unproductive.  By including the daily discussions in the SS community we’ve been able to make it a valuable resource for photographers new and old!


The founding concept for The Snap Society Community is for photographer to inspire one another.  That is exactly what is happening in the community!  We inspire each other to be better, do better and continue to grow.  We encourage each other, push each other and grow together.  The Snap Society is a community that every photographer should have!

What photographers are saying about The Snap Society Community…

Loreen Kelley

Loreen Kelley

This facebook group provides a safe environment for photographers of all levels to provide and receive creative, technical, and business inspiration, ideas, and information. I appreciate this community as it is a wonderful resource for honest feedback and ideas. I love the casual  online environment and am just so happy to be part of this group! It has been such a tremendous help to me!!! Thank you to Jamie and Anna!!!!”

Haley Christiansen

Haley Christiansen

“I’ve been a part of many different photography online communities. The Snap Society is so different than all the others…in a good way! The photographers in the group have a great amount of humility. Everyone values community over competition and it is very encouraging. There is also a huge amount of industry knowledge and experience in this group, which makes it a great place to get sound advice.”

Lindsey Murray

Lindsey Murray

“Oh my goodness. This is the most positive, uplifting and welcoming group I’ve been apart of. We are constantly learning and working together to grow! I’ve enjoyed seeing the talent and levels of success in and out of this group! I feel so lucky to have access to such useful tool, knowledge and friendships!”

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