Today, I am writing to inform you that The Snap Society will be closing it’s virtual doors on November 16th.

Four years ago, I had a dream that there could be a place for Photographers to CONNECT, GROW, and INSPIRE one another. I wanted Photographers like you to learn without being worried of judgement, and where you could be seen even if in the past you felt invisible.

My dream was that this Community would start a movement of generosity, where knowledge was shared openly, and encouragement was given freely.

That dream came true, and I called it THE SNAP SOCIETY. Even while writing this, I am getting choked up just thinking of what a beautiful thing this community has become, and what a blessing you have been to me and to one another.

The Snap Society was all I could think, talk, and dream about for years. I am sure my husband was relieved when Anna came on board as a collaborator, so that I had someone else to bounce ideas off of instead of just him, ha!

Anna, Leah, Ashley, The Snap Society Admins, and so many of you have played an important role in the success of this beautiful movement.

I have learned so much from you. I can look back at these four years and call them my best career years of my life without a doubt. From getting to work with my closest friends, watching you grow – not only in your Photography skills, but in your business knowledge – and experiencing all of your AH-HA moments along side you; it has been so satisfying.

Even as I sit here and cry like a baby, I know it is time to move on. To meet new challenges head on, and to explore new opportunities.

Thank you for making these last four years one of the finest chapters of my life. If you were encouraged or inspired at all by The Snap Society, then my dream of this Community was fulfilled. 

If you would like to share about how this community has impacted you, it would be a sweet gift for me to read and share with the Facebook Community. You can do so by just commenting on this blog post, or by writing directly into The Snap Society Community group.


1 – Many of you know my husband is a Pastor at a Church. I want to have more margin in my life to help him in Ministry.

2 – I started a Mastermind group a little over 2 years ago. It is 6 of us women who encourage one another in our business endeavors. Many doors have opened for all of us as a result of this strong group.

This group has been a powerful catalyst to my success in business, and I know that when these groups are done right, they are irreplaceable. I firmly believe everyone (especially entrepreneurs) need to have a Mastermind. But, so many people struggle with finding the right one, or creating an effective one.

My next mission is to help leaders – like you – to create and find Mastermind communities that activate growth. I want to serve entrepreneurs (Photographers and non-Photographers) who take themselves and their business (mission) seriously. So, if that is you, then let’s stay in touch! CLICK HERE
I am putting together an experience that will be rolling out in the New Year To be the first to know, CLICK HERE.

You may have some questions like these::


The Snap Society Community will be closing down November 16th. It will be archived, so you can still go back and look up old posts, but you will no longer be able to comment.


We will keep the website active at least until the new year. So, make sure to binge read and watch before it comes down.


If you purchased a course from The Snap Society, make sure you DOWNLOAD all the videos available to you. The site will be shut down by the end of the year. You can find download instructions HERE.


Please feel free to ask questions in the group. I will have a graphic for the questions and I will be checking it. I will do my best to answer them. I also plan on making a video.



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