Sometimes in life, it is our kids who teach us the valuable lessons. This week, I have a quick tip for how you can make more money.

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It is super SIMPLE, but if you do not implement it, you could be missing out on some major motivation for moola.

You can watch the video or you can read the post below. Whatever you choose, I would love to hear from you at the end in the comments below!


One simple key element may be holding you back from making A LOT of money!

It’s fundraiser time in my house! My son is extremely introverted, so he really surprised me earlier this week when I came home and saw all these sales he made for his fundraiser for school. I was in shock! How did my shy, quiet boy go to all these doors and sell all these items?!

It turns out that he rode his bike for 3 HOURS and knocked on every door in our neighborhood. Most people who answered the door said “no”, but my son kept going. Why did he keep going when everyone kept telling him no? Because, he wanted the prize for having a certain amount of sales – a limo ride. He told me, “If I didn’t go to the next door, then I’d never reach my goal.” 

So, I learned a valuable life lesson from my 10 year old – when it comes to rejection, you can feel bad about it, quit, and never reach your goal OR you get over it, go to the next door, and reach your goal.

This relates to all of us in our businesses. We all give excuses about why we can’t raise our prices, make a sale, or do in-person sales. The bottom line is that we are so afraid of being rejected. We all have this fear in us. Unless there is a bigger reward than there is a fear, what’s the point of doing it?


Do you have a goal in mind? A lot of us go into this blindly. We don’t have a plan, and we don’t have a goal.

So, I found myself in this situation a few years ago. My husband came to me and said that I should reward myself – like with house cleaning – every time I sell my top collection. My top collection is very expensive. I’m not pushy and I’m not “sale-sy”, but having a reward did give me that little oomph to push a little harder to make the sale and to make sure I didn’t give up. That season I sold more of my top collection than I ever had – and I made sure to reward myself every time I did.

We need to set goals – not just a year long goal or a 6 month goal. We need to create goals for ourselves for every session. What is the goal that you have in mind? To do an in-person sale and finish with a sale? To sell your middle package? Give yourself a reward when you do that!


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Tell me in the comments: what GOAL (reward) are you going to put into place that will TRUMP your FEAR?



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