Here at The Snap Society, we are all about helping you provide that WOW Factor for your clients. You want to create the best experience for your clients, so that keep coming back to you AND that they will tell others about your amazing services. If you are doing the same as everyone else, then why do you deserve to be paid MORE than everyone else? You don’t…. So, instead of doing things the same, do things different! One way to complete your clients’ experience with you, is helping them place and hang the products they just purchased from you.



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Rachael Venema, of Rachael Venema Photography, is here today to share with us her tips on the different tools that she uses for hanging wall art. Rachael loves to offer this extra experience to her customers because, so often, they get their products and they have no idea where or how to get them on their walls.



  • First things first. Measure the wall your clients want their wall art to hang from. Top to bottom & side to side. You will want the products to be hung at eye level – which may be a bit different for your clients depending on their height & furniture.
  • Always bring: a pencil with a good eraser, a large & small level, screws, & a hammer.
  • When hanging up a whole gallery of pieces, bring craft paper cut into the sizes of the products your clients ordered. Use painter’s tape to place the papers on the wall to map out where the pieces will go.
  • To make hanging pieces a bit simpler, Rachael found a nifty tool called the Hang n’ Level: the Picture Hanging Tool.
  • The types of screws Rachael recommends are called Picture Hanger All in One Screws. Or the brand OOK has a picture hanging set that are best for screwing into plaster.

Pro Tip: You can use Swift Galleries, like Rachael, to help you visualize where & how to hang your clients’ wall art.

Helping your clients hang their wall art is a great way to finish the whole experience and be able to offer a wonderful service for them. Practice a little bit on your own walls, & then you will have the confidence to offer this service to your clients.

Comment below if you found this video helpful! Do you offer any extra services to your clients? Here are some other videos with ideas on how to provide that WOW Factor for your clients: Client Experience & Packaging.




Rachael Venema is the owner of Rachael Venema Photography, located in Ripon, CA. Rachael offers a full-service, boutique experience. She loves building relationships with her customers, and creating beautiful pieces of art for their home or business for them to enjoy for generations to come.






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